About Us

At Edens, Criado & Welch - we specialize in providing legal services online.

Business Practice

Edens, Criado & Welch (ECW) is a virtual law firm offering limited scope or unbundled legal services to its clients. Our business model is different from traditional law firms in that we offer fixed fees as much as possible to address clients' common legal needs. Through our web-based law practice, the firm specializes in handling routine legal matters online on a task by task basis. Services we offer fall into three main categories: 1) drafting and reviewing legal documents 2) providing legal information and advice 3) limited scope court representation. ECW clients include individuals, corporations, nonprofits, and small business owners.


Edens, Criado, & Welch is committed to making it easier for you to manage your legal life from the convenience of your home or office. We provide quality and affordable legal representation at fixed fees. With our commitment to technological innovation to evolve the delivery of legal services, we make it easier for you to access the legal system and to handle your legal affairs.

Work Culture

Our attorneys and staff know that technological advances are changing the way business is conducted and that includes the practice of law.  We are where law and technology meet. Our attorneys are smart, innovative, and driven to help our clients obtain legal services in a very economic and efficient way.

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